Thursday, 21 January 2010

A feature most elegant indeed

{photo via thingspiration}

Don't you just love this dressing table? It's so elegant, so romantic...

Focus, though, on the cake stand in the corner; a design feature that I have fallen in love with. It looks so natural on this (and perhaps every) dressing table - like it was meant to be part of the design.

My mother has a cake stand similar in design on her dressing table too that she inherited from my late grandmother (her mother-in-law) - and I've always loved it. It is a very sentimental and meaningful addition to the household indeed.

My mother houses jewellery on her cake stand, and every time I see it I am inspired. I think, perhaps, that using it for the latter purpose works better than it's intended use!

Earrings and rings with the odd brooch and ribbon on the top shelf, and your Chanel No. 5 on the bottom shelf, accompanied with various trinkets...


Agatha x


  1. Agatha...this was just lovely..I have a collection of cake them..and this is a great idea...

    thanks for taking the time to visit good to see you..

    more later, dear one


  2. i agree :) love the cake stand.
    also emailed you all the info for the book club!


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Agatha x

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