Thursday, 7 January 2010

And the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even...

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Take a look at the whole UK at the moment; it's chaos. We had 20cms snow where I am (about 8 inches), but it's been super cold at night and so all the snow froze, making snowman-building nigh on impossible. :(

Last night it was -15C (-5F) and in some places even -20C (-4F) and during the day it is between -3C (26F) and -5C (23F). Us Scots call it 'Baltic' - a phrase along the lines '├╝ber cold'. 

Although some main roads are clear because they have been gritted, many are not, and we're running out of grit (eek!). The ice on the rest of the roads has frozen and consequently they're now coated in black ice, so travelling is strongly discouraged. Freak weather, eh?

And guess what? Yesterday over 8000 schools were closed! I bet the kids had a great time, if they dared to venture out. I know I didn't.

This has to be the strangest weather I've seen...ever. I hope it gets better soon, because England comes to a standstill when it snows; it grinds to a complete halt. 

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  1. My goodness that photo is amazing! It looks like the Arctic!Hope it has warmed up a bit.


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