Sunday, 20 December 2009

God bless us, every one!

It has become a tradition for me to read 'A Christmas Carol' every year in the run up to Christmas. I can count on it to be the one book guaranteed to get me in the festive mood - and the moral never fails, I think, to find a place inside everyone's heart. 

Dickens captured my heart with his Carol when I was nine, though at first I wasn't very interested. For one, it had no pictures. This wasn't a very good start. 

When I started reading, however (and I struggled a little, I admit) I loved it. A Christmas Carol, I suppose, was my introduction to books with language a little more archaic than I was used to, and what a good one to start with. The feelings of festivity, generosity and kindness made Christmas for me then, and continue to make Christmas for me now. 

To me, 'A Christmas Carol' is one that can be of value to all cultures and religions. The underlying theme of redemption can be taken on by everyone, even if only a little. I think if we all became slightly better people, the world would be more than a slightly better place.

Dickens' message in 'A Christmas Carol' is one that is relevant particularly in this day of age. Every year, he reignites a dim festive spark inside me and I hope this year, you too. 

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