Monday, 28 December 2009

Colourful adventures

Today I explored downtown Dubai - away from the beaches and hotels and skyscrapers.

There is a little area behind Sheikh Zayed Road (a road lined with skyscrapers) where I serendipitously came across the most amazing little shops selling so many different things.

I found some amazing clothes, jewellery and haberdashery shops bursting with colour. There were a myriad of different designs and styles, and so many to choose from.

{photos taken myself}

And then there was the atmosphere: all the sights and smells and hustle and bustle at night. I found a little restaurant called Ravi's - it serves the most wonderful food, and is astoundingly cheap too! With a Pakistani themed cuisine, the food is packed with flavour and it's amazingly fresh. The decor might not be as great as some other restaurants, but Ravi's has a certain charm about it that not many people can resist. Upon later googling, I found that in Timeout magazine, Ravi restaurant was voted the best place to eat at any price in the whole of Dubai - beating the Michelin star restaurants here, and beating the restaurants in the Burj al Arab, the world's only seven star hotel. Pretty impressive. Ravi restaurant is by far my best find here in Dubai, away from all the tourist attractions and into the heart of the emirate, where the ambience is just as integral to the experience as the meal.

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  1. Wow! I love those pictures! They are so colorful! How did you find all those shops?


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