Le fabuleux destin d'Agatha Drein.

On 4th May, 
in 1904 Charles Stewart Rolls met Frederick Henry Royce 
at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, England.
in 1929 the world welcomed the new baby Audrey Hepburn.

On the same day,

though in the year 1972,
Don't Make a Wave committee,
a fledgling environmental organisation founded in Canada in 1971,
officially changed it's name to
Greenpeace Foundation.

in 1979,
Margaret Thatcher became prime minister for the United Kingdom,
thus making history,
by being the first female to lead the country.

On this same day,
although admittedly not in the seventies,
at roughly 07:10pm,
Agatha Drein,
was born.

Her father,
a busy businessman,
works in far off lands a lot of the time.

Her father dislikes:

  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Long Haul Flights, and
  • Stinky Cheese.
Her father likes:

  • Solving long-winded maths and physics problems
  • Bananas, and
  • Prince

Her mother,
a most fantastic, 
and formidable lady,
has the best taste in clothes, interior design and food Agatha has ever known.

Her mother dislikes:
  • Unsafe drivers
  • Lamb's lettuce, and
  • Ovaltine
Her mother likes:
  • Shoes
  • Seafood, and
  • Her children

Herself, Agatha Drein,
an aspiring barrister,

is a rather goody-two-shoes university student.

Agatha dislikes:

  • The scratching of nails on paper
  • Waking up too late and thus wasting a day, and
  • Sweetbreads.
Agatha likes:
  • Learning new things
  • Long walks in the countryside, and
  • Picnics

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